Scalp problems?

November 3, 2014

farmaceutice_RueberScalp problems? Dermatitis? Psoriasis? Irritations? Dandruff? Fall? Alopecia? Sweaty or dehydrated scalp?
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Tricograma- hair root analysis
In the posted images we can observe all the stages of the hair roots, namely:
A- new bulb;
B- anagen;
C- catagen;
D- telogen.

How to Stop Hair Loss? Want to get rid of oilly scalp? VICAPTEINA patches are the answer to both questions. Vicapteina patches blocks the enzyme 5 alpha responsible for premature hair loss favoring new hair growth.

Oily scalp and hair loss are problems that many of us are facing. iHair has products that treat these diseases together. Bio-B shampoo is ideal for fine, brittle hair, oily scalp, anti fall effect and volumizer. Since it is a treatment shampoo should be allowed to sit for 5 minutes then rinse. The Biotyne vials are treatment vials with 100% pure biotin enabling a quick recovery from any type of hair, especially seborrheic. It helps the hair bulb formation and growth speed. Strengthens the keratin layer, anti hairfall effect. It stimulates cell metabolism.

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