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hair protection

Hair Protection during summer

hair protection Hair Protection Summer, sunlight, increased humidity, and other climate changes can have a significant impact on the health of our…
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organic henna hairdye

Henna organic hairdye and how to apply it

July 21, 2023
Organic Henna hair dye and how to apply it henna plant organic hairdye Hello everyone, today I will be discussing the wonderful…
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Summer Skin Care

Did you notice that you have the dry and aging skin? The skin get dehydrated easily in the summer and this can…
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The perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Valentine’s Day is coming! Although we live and feel love at any moment, on this day we celebrate it more intensely than…
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Botox hair treatment

Botox hair treatment from Valquer

BOTOX FOR HAIR Botox became very popular in the 2000’s for its ability to dull wrinkles. It rebuilds the hair, moisturizes, prevents…
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