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How to get volume in your hair: Guide with Volumist products

February 20, 2024
Have you ever dreamed of having impressively voluminous hair that catches the eye and gives you confidence? Well, the secret to achieving…
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Myth/reality about the blonde hair care

Blonde hair is often associated with radiant beauty and delicate femininity, but is it also difficult to maintain? This is a common…
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How to Care of Red Hair: Tips and Tricks

February 8, 2024
Red hair is often admired for its shine and intensity. However, to care of requires special attention to maintain the vibrant color…
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before and after treatment

Botox Keratin Treatment for your hair

Discover the secret of perfect hair with the innovative Botox Keratin treatment. Through this article we will explore in detail the benefits…
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hair protection

Hair Protection during summer

hair protection Hair Protection Summer, sunlight, increased humidity, and other climate changes can have a significant impact on the health of our…
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