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hair protection treatment

Color changes and hair protection

August 10, 2020
Do you remember how many ways you dyed your hair so far? Currently, you have so many options in terms of choosing…
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KERATIN- A new wave of beauty

We all want perfect hair when we leave the house, regardless of the weather outside. Keratin treatment makes you spend as little…
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Discover the new professional paint line launched by Maxxelle: Trendy Twenty!

iHair launches the new TRENDY TWENTY collection from the Maxxelle range. The new shades brought by Maxxelle in this line are special…
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Did you happen to choose a shampoo that, although you thought it was suitable for your hair to thicken your root or…
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iHair Courses

Colorimetry seminar and MAXXelle products

We recently introduced the MAXXelle professional product line in Romania, and because we want them to be tested and understood by all…
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