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In general, lack of hair volume is one of the common problems clients face, and root volume solutions are limited: excessive tapping, excessive styling, frequent styling, all resulting in hair breakdown and even breakage long lost time.

What do you get with VolumExtra treatment:

  • 3 months of volume with a single application
  • Strengthening the hair with Cysteine
  • Change the texture of the hair at the root
  • A hairstyle that lasts even a week
  • A rich and stylized hair look
  • They appear denser and more resistant

This treatments is suitable for you if:

  • Your hair is fine, soft and lacking in volume
  • The root of the hair is greased quickly
  • You wash your hair every 2 or 3 days
  • Taping and styling products are absolutely necessary
  • Hairstyle lasts very little
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  • Provides volume, thickness and length to the hair
  • These are called because of the transparent band with which they are applied.
  • It is applied by the “sandwich” technique
  • Can be kept in the hair for about 4-10 weeks.

Advantages of Tape In iHair Keratin extensions:

  • 100% natural hair extensions
  • You can repair a failed haircut
  • You can change your hair color at any time
  • They can be styled with the plate or with the curler
  • Extensions can be maintained just like your natural hair
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Beginning treatment with Maxxelle Form Organic Solution

  • Risk-free wrinkling
  • Light and natural curls
  • Wrinkle with 100% organic solution
  • It does not damage the hair
  • Effect 2-3 months
This treatment is suitable for you if:
  • Your hair is lacking in volume
  • The root of the hair is greasing rapidly
  • Taping and styling products are absolutely necessary
  • Hairstyle lasts very little

Prices Maxxelle Shape Treatment

Semi-permanent waves

Short – 250 lei

Medium – 350 lei

Long – 450 lei

Extra Long – 600 lei

(includes labor and solution)

Prices Treatment VolumeExtra

(gives hair volume 3 months)

Short top – 130 lei / general – 150 lei

Short / medium top -150 lei / general – 180 lei

Medium top – 170 lei / general – 200 lei

Medium hair / long top -190 lei / general 230 lei

Long top hair – 210 lei / general – 250 lei

Long hair / extra-long top – 230 lei / general 270 lei

Extra long top – 250 lei / general 300 lei


Headquarters Salon: Ajustorului 2 street, sector 6, Bucharest


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Appoiments for Volum Treatments

BiOrganic spray fixative - Maxxelle

BiOrganic spray fixative from – Maxxelle – 500 ML


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Organic Neutralizer Maxxelle Oxygen 500ml


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Spray ocean salt

Miracle from Maxxelle Organic Salt Spray -200 ML-


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Agadir Gel

Styling, Remodeling Gel for Volume Agadir 246gr


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Tape in Natural Hair Extensions Ihair Keratin nr.60


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shampoo for volume
COLA Shampoo Caffeine For Volume – 1000ml

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treatments for volum

Complete set Treatment Volume Ihair Keratin 150ml


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Pudra pentru volumul parului de la Volumist

Volume powder with coconut oil Volumist


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Organic Solution Curly MAXXelle 250ml


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TAPE ON #1 Extensions Black Ihair Keratin


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Shampoo Volume argan oil AGADIR 366ml


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Pentru volum par

Foam Volume and Styling from Agadir 241ml


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VolumExtra iHair Salon
Tratament Volum Extra IHAIR Salon

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