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Keratin treatment

Keratin is a natural repair substance that is found in about 88% of our hair. It penetrates into the hair, restores internal damage and wraps the thread in a protective film. Thermo-dynamic applied treatment is activated with the ceramic plate, keratin is sealed deep in the hair cuticles and a keratinization process is initiated that maintains hydration and inhibits the effects of moisture, while smoothing and strengthening the hair from the inside to the outside.

What are the benefits of Keratin:
Repair and restore the hair
Straighten and clothe your hair
It offers shine and vitality
Immediate results
Resist for up to 6 months

This treatment is suitable for you if:
You have dry and damaged hair
The hair is tangled and breaks at the brush
You want straight and shiny hair
You waste a lot of time arranging your hair
Hair health is important to you

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Prices Brazilian treatment with keratin IHAIR KERATIN 

(semi-permanent straightening, natural regeneration, hair nourishment)

Short hair (≤30g) – 200 lei

Short-medium hair (≤45g) – 250 lei

Medium hair (≤60g) – 300 lei

Medium / medium-long hair (≤75g) – 350 lei

Medium-long hair (≤90g) – 400 lei

Medium-long / long hair (≤105g) – 450 lei

Long hair (≤120g) – 500 lei

Long / extra-long hair (≤140g) – 550 lei

Extra-long hair (> 160g) – 600 lei

Hair extra-long plus (> 180g) – 650 lei

Hair extra-long extra (> 200g) – 700 lei

Extra 50g – 50 lei

Prices Brazilian treatment with keratin ORGANIC/ L’KERABELLE / INNOSYS

(semi-permanent straightening, natural regeneration, hair nourishment)

Short Hair (≤30g) – 220 lei

Medium-short hair (≤45g) – 290 lei

Medium hair  (≤60g) – 350 lei

Medium/medium-long (≤75g)  – 410 lei

Medium-long hair (≤90g) – 470 lei

Medium-long/long (≤105g)  – 520 lei

Long Hair (≤120g)  –  590 lei

Long/ extra-long (≤140g) – 650 lei

Extra-long hair (>160g) – 710 lei

Extra long plus (>180g) – 770 lei

Extra long extra (>200g) – 830 lei

Extra 50g – 60lei

Headquarters Salon: Militari, Str. Ajustorului nr 2

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Appoiments for Keratin Treatments

kit keratine treatments

Ihair Keratin Treatment Kit Kacao +clarifying


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Keratin treatment

Kit Keratin Coconut Complete Ihair Keratin 250ml


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Masca reparatoare iHair Keratin

Repairing mask from Ihair Keratin 500ML


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kit keratine treatments

Kit keratine treatment BIO Grapes +clarifying  Ihair Keratin


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Tratament Kit Bio iHair

Keratin treatment KIT bio Ihair Grapes+clarifying


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Keratin Shampoo Normal, Dry Ihair Keratin 1000ml


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Tratament Spray Keratina Lichida iHair

Pure Keratin Liquid Keratin Spray Treatment


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Keratin vials special for blond hair from Valquer – 12pcs –


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kit keratine treatments

Kit tratament keratina from Ihair Keratin 100ml


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Organic Keratin Treatment Ihair Keratin 1000ml


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Keratin balm normal and dry Ihair Keratin 250ml


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k-fusion keratin

Kit keratin treatment K Fusion+cleansing L’Kerabelle 100ml


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Full Range Ihair Keratin

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