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According to recent research, about 67% of women in Romania who have curly or curly hair try to straighten or even straighten their hair every day. A hairstyle or straightening usually takes 30-45 minutes. That means 4-6 hours a week and up to 275 hours a year! iHair offers you treatment for curly hair that lasts 3-5 hours depending on the length of the hair.

How much time did you lose this way last year?

If you have curly or rebellious hair and are tired of straightening it every day, you may want to consider a permanent straightening process, originally from Japan. Thermal reconditioning, also called the Japanese method of permanent straightening, is a great way to get rid of curly, curly or undisciplined hair for a long time (up to 6 months). With this procedure, the hair will remain perfectly straight, smooth and silky to the touch, with an excellent appearance, even in the most humid climate!

What are the benefits of Japanese permanent rectification:

Completely change the look of your hair from the inside to the outside
The results last until the hair is cut
Maintenance is performed only on root grown after at least 6 months
Can permanently straighten any type of hair, including afro
The appearance of the hair will be natural and will not fatten at the root

This straightening method is right for you if you:

Your hair is strong, thick or curly
You want a long lasting straightening result
Other straightening treatments were not effective
You do not want to have mandatory care products after treatment
You are an active person and you do not want to waste a lot of time arranging your hair

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Prices Permanent Japanese Straightening Yuko / iStraight

(thermal hair restructuring)

Short pair – 290 lei

Short-medium hair – 340 lei

Average hair – 390 lei

Medium / medium-long hair – 415 lei

Medium-long hair – 440 lei

Medium-long / long hair – 515 lei

Long hair – 590 lei

Long / extra-long hair – 640 lei

Extra-long hair – 690 lei

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