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Professional products for bleaching, pigmentation and coloring

What are the benefits of Maxxelle Think ammonia-free paint:

  • Covers 100% white threads, Intense and Persistent Shades
  • Contains argan oil, shea, grape seed oil and lemon extract instead of paraffin
  • Protects, moisturizes and leaves hair silky and shiny
  • Does not contain PPD, Nickel, Resorcinol and Parabens
  • Ideal for professional coloring and use after fading

What are the benefits of Maxxelle Colora low ammonia paint:

  • Low ammonia content, no SLS, no SLES
  • Intense and bright colors, even more resistant to washing
  • Goji fruit extract has a strong antioxidant and anti-aging effect
  • High coverage, modern and intense nuances
  • Softens the cortex and protects the scalp, repairing hair in damaged places

What are the benefits of Valquer paint with Plex or Keratin:

  • Protects hair from damage
  • Covers 100% white threads, Intense and Persistent Shades
  • Low percentage of ammonia
  • Arginine is a protein that stimulates hair growth
  • High protection and keratin content
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What are the benefits of Eye Candy Bleaching Butter:

  • Low ammonia content does not affect hair or scalp
  • Opening power up to 8 tones
  • Performs a reconstitution action during discoloration
  • For all bleaching techniques, it can be applied near the skin
  • Contains Butter, nourishing the hair during the process
  • Ideal for sensitive hair or repeated bleaching

What are the benefits of Eye Candy Pigmented Bleaching Cream:

  • Discoloration up to 6 tones + Simultaneous pigmentation
  • Available in 9 nuances, extraordinary results are obtained
  • Suitable for all bleaching techniques, it does not swell
  • It has a reconstructive action, it is not aggressive for the skin and hair
  • Rebuilds, reconditions, helps maintain a compact capillary structure

What benefits does Organic Henna Hair Dye have:

  • Safety due to the absence of harsh chemicals.
  • Hydrates and nourishes, maintaining the health of hair and skin.
  • Natural colors with warm and vibrant shades.
  • Covers and conceals white hair strands.
  • Better durability, with the color lasting over time.
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Pigmented bleaching cream from Eye Candy 100 GR


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Think oxidant with organic argan oil 20V 6% Maxxelle -150 ML


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Bleaching cream Eye Candy-Maxxelle – 220 ML


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Oxidant profesional pentru vopsea

Oxidant with organic aloe vera Color 30V- 9% – 1000 ML


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Hair Colors Colora Maxxelle with natural Goji 100 ML


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 Hair Color with argan oil Think Maxxelle 100ml


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Shampoo ANTI-YELLOW  Eye Candy 250 ml



Hair Recovery Mask Cura Maxxelle 200ml


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Emulsie oxidanta Valquer 6% 75ml

Emulsie oxidanta Valquer 6% 75ml


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organic henna hairdye

Organic Henna Hairdye


12.5 EUR

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Folosita in saloane

Valquer ammonia-free paint with plex


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Treated Hair Shampoo Maxxelle 250 ML


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