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Reconditioning treatments

Is your hair damaged by chemicals or straightening? Do you have problems with the hairdressing techniques? We recommend a quick and easy reconditioning treatment. It is specially designed to revitalize dyed, discolored, tired, or broken, damaged hair, which breaks at the brush, difficult to handle, with split ends.

Choose Reaction treatment in 3 steps, if:

– You want a quick and efficient repair in maximum 40 minutes
– You have thin and brittle hair from various chemical procedures
– You have damaged and matt, tangled and fragile hair
– You want a treatment after painting to fix the color
– You want density and volume with immediate results

Choose Botox treatment if:

– You have degraded hair and you want healthy hair
– It is devoid of vitality and brilliance
– You have brittle hair from various chemical procedures
– You want a density with immediate results

This treatment contains: collagen, hyaluronic acid, keratin, vitamin B5

Choose Oliplex treatment if:

– You want hair protection during dyeing
– You have sensitive hair and you are afraid to discolor it
– You want a multi-tone opening
– You dream of a special and bright blonde
– You want a fast and efficient treatment

Choose Recovery treatment if:

  • You want to revitalize your dyed, discolored and damaged hair
  • It lacks vitality and brilliance
  • You have difficult hair, with split ends and it breaks easily
  • You want hydration and restructuring
  • you want a fast and efficient treatment
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Maxxelle Recovery Treatment
(reconstruction and repair with hyalurinic acid)

Short hair – 70 lei

Short-medium hair – 80 lei

Average hair – 90 lei

Medium-long hair – 105 lei

Long hair – 120 lei

Extra long hair – 135 lei

Extra-long hair – 150 lei

Hair with extensions – 170 lei

Prices OLIPLEX treatment in powder / paint or hair length

Short hair – 40 lei

Short-medium hair – 50 lei

Average hair – 60 lei

Medium-long hair – 75 lei

Long hair – 90 lei

Extra long hair – 105 lei

Extra-long hair – 120 lei

Hair with extensions – 140 lei

Prices Treatment Innosys Reaction (recondition hair in 3 steps)

Short hair – 110 lei

Short-medium hair – 140 lei

Average hair – 180 lei

Medium-long hair – 230 lei

Long hair – 280 lei

Extra long hair – 330 lei

Extra-long hair – 380 lei

Prices Botox Hair Treatment Valquer

(contains keratin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5)

Short hair (1 ampule) – 130 lei

Short-medium hair (2 ampules) – 180 lei

Medium hair (3 ampules) – 230 lei

Medium-long hair (4 ampules)- 330 lei

Long hair (5 aplules) – 430 lei

Extra-long hair (6 ampules) – 530 lei

Extra-long plus hair (7 ampules)- 580 lei

Appoiments for Oliplex Treatments

Tratament reconditionare in 3 pasi
Reaction Treatment Kit B1, B2, B3

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 Recovery Mask Maxxelle 500


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 Reaction Treatment Innosys 250ml

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Set Oliplex Ihair Keratin 100ml


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Recovery Mask Maxxelle 220ml

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 Reaction Treatment Mask 220ml


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Kit Oliplex reconstruction IhairKeratin2*100ml


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Recovery Serum Maxxelle 250

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 Botox Valquer Treatment 12buc*10ml


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Set Oliplex no1/2 Ihair Keratin 500ml

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Recovery Shampoo Maxxelle 250


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spray pure keratin

 Spray Pure Keratin Istraight 240


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